Jerry's Rapid Craft Cyclone Formula-V and FV-II High point Champion and National US-1

Racing Photos of John Jim Jerry Karen David and Katie "The Sellner Racing Team"

Jim (L) Jerry (R) Getting their boat racing careers started
Jim and Jerry in John Sellner's Speedliner "Super Sizzler" GP-22
UIM International World Record holder 1966 6hr. Marathon John Sellner's Switzer Craft Shooting Star w/ Mercury 125 BP - World Record Holder 1966
John Sellner, Jerry Sellner, Scott Spainhower (Crew Chief) and Mike Spainhower
John Sellner at 75 years old in "Grandpas Rocker - Moose Lake 2001 Mini-GT class
Jerry Sellner #442 Inside boat - Moose Lake 2001 Formula-V class
Jerry Sellner #442 taking the inside on Don Lick #33 Moose Lake 2001
John Sellner #2 and Karen Chemotti in background - Mini-GT 2001 Moose Lake
Jerry's 73 Allison 15R with 140 Mercury raced in Formula V Class Several time TCPBA Highpoint Champion and National FV High point Champion
1973 Vampire 15 w/ 140 OMC Formula-V boat raced by Jerry Sellner
Jim Sellner's 15 PaceCraft Formula V with 140 Mercury displayed at World of Wheels
13' Laser raced by Jim Sellner in VP class w/75 Johnson
Jerry's 13' Rapid Craft Cyclone Formula-V and Formula V-2 Championship boat
National US-1 High Point Champion
John Sellner's Mini GT Baja Scat Cat
Mini GT 13' Rapid Craft Cyclone raced by Karen Chemotti
Jerry in 13' Rapid Craft Cyclone APBA and TCPBA Highpoint Champion
Jerry's Quartershot T-3 raced in APBA COR 2.0 class 2012 High point leader
15' Laser race in Formula V and VP OPC classes by David Sellner
Allison 16R raced by Katie Sellner in VP class
Sellner Racing Sweeps 2010 TCPBA Formula-V High Points. Jerry 1st, Jim 2nd, Katie 3rd.
Some Sellner Racing Formula-V hardware
World Record Holder Jerry Sellner -1995 XR-2001 Allison & 99.9Cu in V-4 140 hp OMC
Jerrys World record holding Formula-V Allison at Minneapolis Boat Show